Partner Reputation

The nature of our business often requires discretion when it comes to talking about our clients.

However, the principal partners of That Consultancy have worked for a large number of clients across a range of industries.




Ian – headed up Research and Development at a major automotive component maker

Geoff – has managed large scale systems implementation projects in the sector



Banking and Finance

The global financial crisis of the last couple of years has brought into sharp focus the complete lack of trust, sense of alienation and suspicion felt by most customers. Now is the time for financial services companies to refocus and re-engage with the changing expectations of their customers. This must be done through clear messaging, product and service transparency and above all rebuilding trust.


Arthur - has worked on brand development and online brand management projects for several major UK and offshore banks



Consumer and Retail

With UK retail sales falling at their fastest pace for 3 years, refocusing and re engaging with your customers has never been more urgent.


Arthur - has worked on a number of major consumer brand development and brand re-alignment projects.

Ian – was responsible for a major UK retail lock manufacturer and distributor
Ian – a business in Ian’s group was market leader in window renovation




Ian – responsible for a sizable distribution group sourcing from the Far East




As universities are forced to compete to attract students greater cost saving and innovative organisational approaches and marketing strategies are needed.


Geoff – ran a digital exemplar service for higher education for 4 years working with innovators, content providers and delivering over 150 digital projects in the period.




Business and the economy is at the core of all things political during the current challenges. Often the changes which government makes internally to the way it works inform opinion on how outside organisations can operate more efficiently.


Ian – worked with a Government Agency formulating regulation in the vehicle sector

Geoff – has designed and managed many digital projects and systems for central government and ministries.




With the focus being firmly on cost saving without affecting front line services, a fresh look at structure, systems and efficiency of the back office operation is proving to have positive effects.


Geoff - has worked on a number of large NHS hospital systems development contracts.

Arthur - has worked on several flagship NHS rebranding projects as well as brand development work in the private healthcare sector 




A convincing brand story, consistent brand architecture and faultless communicative execution should be the top three concerns when branding a lodging and passenger transportation company. These companies work on a local, national and global level making customer loyalty more crucial than ever.


Arthur - has been involved in a number of major leisure park sector branding and brand development projects




Increasing competitive intensity is driving more production into low cost countries, often to little advantage.  Manufacturers must improve efficiency, buy better and understand the competitive dynamic, but a headlong rush to China may fail to provide a low cost solution.


Arthur - has been involved in branding and brand development projects for a number of well known UK and international brands in the building and manufacturing sectors

Ian – was responsible for over 20 manufacturing plants across various industry sectors in 8 countries spanning his long career, including the West and China.



Professional services

Professional Service companies are playing in an intensely competitive game, and with an increasing number of mergers it is no wonder that prospective clients often have difficulty in deciding which firm can offer them the specialised services they are looking for.


Arthur - has rebranded a number of high profile UK and European law firms

Ian – headed up due diligence in a big management buyout project and recently worked on an international commercial due diligence assignment




Often seen as the leading force of innovation, often too much focus on the product takes eyes away from making the underlying organisation capable of supporting front end dynamism.


Ian – headed up an electro magnetic shielding group in 3 countries supplying the Telecoms sector

Geoff – has worked extensively in this sector, delivering solutions and managing large scale data consolidation programs