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Senior Partner

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THaT Consultancy is an independent transport planning and traffic engineering consultancy led by David Walpole (Senior Partner). Originally known as David Walpole Associates, in 2017 we rebranded as 'THaT Consultancy'. Our new name was derived from our core areas of expertise, these being Transport, Highways, and Traffic

For over 20 years we have provided expert advice for landowners, developers & decision-makers in the private & public sectors.

We offer expert consultancy and design services for projects across the UK encompassing all aspects of transport planning and traffic engineering, including environmental and sustainability issues.

Our keen commercial awareness, coupled with in-depth knowledge of current policy, practice and legislation, means that we almost always achieve our clients' objectives.

Our experience and expertise are such that we are frequently called upon to prepare and present expert evidence and to appear as Expert Witnesses.

We are client focused. We are great people to work with.

Our reputation, as they say, goes before us; most of our work comes via the personal recommendation of delighted clients or fellow professionals.

Our Ethos

We act in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct as set out in the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation’s Code of Professional Conduct.


These Rules are based closely on the Statement of Ethical Principles issued by the Royal Academy of Engineering and guidance issued by the Engineering Council.

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